Advent calendar 2017

Advent Calendar 2017


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Product Information

  • The mini screwdriving workshop with great leverage effect
  • Slim Kraftform Micro bit holder with 8 Micro bits
  • Slim Kraftform holder with 12 bits, 8 sockets and socket adaptor
  • Offset screwdriver for sockets In all, a 36-piece tool combination

Product Description

The mini screwdriving workshop for every Santa Claus: 24 doors conceal 34 tool surprises to enable simpler working even in confined working situations. One Kraftform Micro bit holder with magnetic chuck for 4 mm Micro interchangeable blades, one Kraftform bit holder with Rapidaptor quick-release chuck for standard ¼“ bits, one socket adaptor and one offset screwdriver (each from 1/4“ hex to ¼“ square); includes 8 Micro bits (30 mm long), 12 bits (50 mm long) and 8 sockets (¼“), bits and sockets with “Take it easy“ Toolfinder with colour coding and size stamp to enable simpler and faster access to the tool needed; the accompanying offset screwdriver for sockets enables a very high torque transfer thanks to its good leverage effect. The set comes with a textile box for neat and tidy arrangement and storage of all the tools from the Advent Calendar; textile Box with nonwoven section for docking of the tool set onto the Wera2go system; also included: self-adhesive hook and loop fasteners to attach the textile box to workshop walls or tool trolleys. The set for all frequently needed screw profiles.


Bi-Flow Spout

Height to end of Spout


Height Overall


Spout Reach



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